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In the News

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We’re going straight to the experts to learn more about the science behind ASMR videos

Caitlin McLear with Vive Greenville still recommends deep breathing exercises over any video.

“I do know not everyone can experience ASMR. Just like any other technique, some work better for people than others.”

Dr. Brannon: “I think it’s great that something positive is coming on the scene regarding social media.” 

Fox Carolina Article: “New To Be Honest App Promotes Positive Post” (retired)


Dr. Rudy:  “It’s important to talk to kids about how they can handle feelings of stress and anxiety and fear in these situations.”


Jennings Davis, LPC: “A lot of the girls are very anxious about meeting new friends, getting involved, finding a balance between extracurricular activities and academics and then there are social pressures on top of that.”



Dr. Rudy: “…too much information and repeated exposure can make it [the shooting] seem more difficult to process.” 

Fox Carolina Article: “Upstate Couple in Las Vegas for Wedding Expo During Massacre” (retired)


Dr. McLear: “The biggest thing is setting boundaries… we know it’s going to be very difficult when you go from playing six hours a day to school and homework and extracurriculars.”


Dr. Rudy: “The pleasure center in our brain is activated when we do fun things… if it’s more and more activated, that can influence our decisions.”                          

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